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Get to Know Us

 An innate drive for success, unharnessed creativity, and a passion to provide quality, cost effective software solutions brought a unique group of individuals together.  We saw a need and an opportunity to use our talents to help organizations grow and become more efficient.  We wanted to be part of something positive!

We are fueled by passion and creativity; driven by the joy of knowing we are making a difference.  Our team has backgrounds in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Development, Project Management, Business, Design and Information Technology.

 We are excited and ready to assist you in getting your next software project off the ground.

Our Style

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the Information Technology Industry. Over time we have developed a unique approach to planning and development. We attempt to thoroughly understand what is needed from you, how to build it so that we can predict with high confidence when your product will be delivered.

We take pride in our work, and value maintaining the relationships that we build with our clients & partners. We strongly believe in work-life balance and having fun along the way.

Our Values


We take our work seriously and carry out our projects and tasks with efficiency and


MindFuel X Ltd is a highly imaginative & motivated tech-consulting company focused on offering high quality solutions coupled with great customer service. We strive to be a regionally recognized brand name, capitalizing on the sustained interest in cutting edge technology solutions. Our goal is to create great products, working with the right people, providing quality customer service and enjoying life along the way…


We strive to be Caribbean Tech Leaders in Software Consultancy, Cloud Application Development, and CMS Integration. We offer our clients solutions that are efficient, reliable and affordable.

Give us a call today and lets get started on your project together!